Overwatch League Season 2 Power Rankings – Stage 1: Week 2

Aidan Fort

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With Week 1 in the books, Season 2 looks to be one of excitement and intensity. Every team played at least once and as expected, the 3-3 style compositions are the most used and seem to universally be the default fallback for every team. With this in mind, I will be putting together weekly power rankings for the League following that week’s matches. Do note that several of the teams could easily trade slots in these rankings and they’re anything but 100% confident rankings by me.

20. Shanghai Dragons

Record: 0-2 (3-1 Loss to Hangzhou, 4-0 Loss to Vancouver)

Well isn’t this a familiar storyline. Though only a week into the season, Shanghai is still searching for win number one and is now 0-42 in their franchise history. They’re dead last thanks to a miserable showing in their first two matches, being able to only squeeze out a single map over the course of eight. Granted, they were without a main-tank player against the Spark, but they were manhandled by Vancouver at relatively full strength. Better luck next week Shanghai….

19. Florida Mayhem

Record: 0-1 (4-0 Loss to Atlanta)

Starting the season by getting wholloped in a 4-0 is not the ideal start, especially to a team that pulled out Torb on the first point of the first map. The Korean and TviQ show is off to a rough start so far. There was very little to be happy about with the Mayhem and it doesn’t appear that revamping the roster has done much yet. Time will tell if the improvements were actually that.

18. Washington Justice

Record: 0-1 (3-1 Loss to NYXL)

Someone had to play New York as their first game, just so happened the woeful Justice drew the short straw for that one. However, managing to take a map off of them is what gets them the 18th spot and not anything worse. They don’t have the benefit of being any higher mainly due to that crushing by the Excelsior is the only thing we have the judge the team by, so sorry Washington. The future is bright for you hopefully.

17. London Spitfire

Record: 0-2 (3-1 Loss to Philadelphia, 3-1 Loss to Paris)

Well….this certainly wasn’t expected. Yeah, you can blame the strength of schedule on this one, but London was handily beat while playing both 3-3 and other various DPs centered compositions against Philadelphia and Paris. Paris was essentially one-tricking the GOATs comp and Philly seems to be the masters of flexibility. London coming out sluggish like this certainly doesn’t bode well for them with only 28 games in the season. Time will tell if this was a fluke or if London truly is lost in this meta.

16. Houston Outlaws

Record: 0-2 (3-2 Loss to Toronto, 3-2 Loss to Boston)

To start 0-2 hurts, but to have both of those losses come in map 5 and one of them be a reverse sweep hurts even worse. The Outlaws had the benefit of facing two teams that were unable to reach max potential due to roster limitations and still lost to them. Toronto showed prowess even without star flex-support Neko and Boston was forced to insta-lock 3-3 with Colourhex being available to play. The Outlaws had many moments of brilliance with Danteh on Sombra but it seems that their straight up 3-3 mirrors are not up to par with the other returning teams or the new additions to the League.

15. Guangzhou Charge

Record: 0-1 (3-2 Loss to Chengdu)

The Charge’s series against the Hunters was a scrappy grudge match with both teams showing flashes of excellence. In the end it was Chengdu that came out on top with Guangzhou walking home. Though losing, the Charge left little to be disappointed about. With a few adjustments, this team could get themselves higher in the League’s hierarchy

14. Toronto Defiant

Record: 1-0 (3-2 Win over Houston)

Winning off the back of a reverse sweep, the Defiant looked strong even without Neko in the lineup on stage. Taking advantage of the Outlaws’ mistakes, Toronto showed they could play more than just 3-3 and could be a contender in the League. As time moves on we shall see if they’re able to hold their own against the more dominant teams in the League who won’t allow a reverse sweep to come easily.

13. Boston Uprising

Record: 1-1 (3-1 Loss to NYXL, 3-2 Win over Houston)

Being 1-1 after being forced to one-trick GOATs is a relief to Boston. Though falling to New York, the Uprising rode Fusion’s outstanding Reinhardt to a close win over the Outlaws. They appear strong on the 3-3, but are very susceptible to Sombra comps. However, with Colourhex becoming available soon, Boston will be able to show how good they are at things other than the dreaded 3-3.

12. Chengdu Hunters

Record: 1-0 (3-2 Win over Guangzhou)

The Hunters certainly performed better than most of us believed they would in their first match of the season. Though it was a messy affair against the Charge, Chengdu proved to be up to the task. The whole roster seemed to be ready for the grudge match and were able to take it in five. Week 2 will tell if that was a one-off performance of if the Hunters can do it in multiple matches in a week.

11. Los Angeles Valiant

Record: 0-1 (3-2 Loss to Hangzhou)

The now Soon-less Valiant proved they are still just as capable of bringing it as they were last season. Though losing a contested 3-2 series to the Spark, the slightly retooled roster seems to have quickly figured themselves out. Moving Kariv to a DPS slot and using Kuki as support paid dividends for the team. However, the absence of Custa in the lineup led to lots of questions.

10. Hangzhou Spark

Record: 1-0 (3-2 Win over Los Angeles)

Before the season even started, most of the League’s teams were talking up the Spark and apparently it was for good reason. However, though they looked dominant, they played it close to the Valiant and opened against a main-tankless Shanghai Dragons. We’ll have to see how they do against the League’s top teams before moving them any higher.

9. Dallas Fuel

Record: 1-1 (4-0 Loss to San Francisco, 3-1 Win over Seoul)

The four-team hodgepodge that is Dallas, San Francisco, Seoul, and Los Angeles is quite an odd one. No other group of four teams had a situation that these four did as their match results just complicate these Power Rankings. The Dynasty took down the Gladiators, the Shock trounced Dallas, the Gladiators clutched out against San Fran, and the Fuel came and out-dueled Seoul. However, only Dallas got 4-0d which is why they find themselves at the bottom of the four. The team looked abysmal against the Shock, but came to play against the Dynasty. The new additions to the roster and the upped coaching staff did a fantastic job turning things around after getting shut-out and it’s only up from here for Dallas.

8. Seoul Dynasty

Record: 1-1 (3-1 Win over Los Angeles, 3-1 Loss to Dallas)

Seems a main-tank player and shot-caller was all this team needed to kick into high gear. Fissure showed himself to be worth whatever Seoul probably gave him and Seoul looks to be fixing itself from the disappointing woes of last season. Though taken down by Dallas, they had a great showing against the Gladiators and it seems the team is aiming to reach the expectations they had for themselves last year.

7. Los Angeles Gladiators

Record: 1-1 (3-1 Loss to Seoul, 3-2 Win over San Francisco)

Roar is certainly filling Fissure’s shoes. Though they got beat by Fissure and his team, the Gladiators picked it up against the Shock in a 5-map deadlock that went the distance. They proved themselves to be capable of running all assortments of team compositions and even pulled out the Symmetra for the first time in the League. Time will tell if they can climb even higher on the totem pole.

6. San Fransisco Shock

Record: 1-1 (4-0 Win over Dallas, 3-2 Loss to Los Angeles)

4-0ing a top 10 team is certainly a feat and the Shock looked like world-beaters while doing it. Their newly bolstered roster showed all levels of versatility during their matches, losing a nail-biting 3-2 to the Gladiators that did nothing to take away from their brilliance. Going forward in Season 2, expect San Fransico to reach some extraordinary heights.

5. Paris Eternal

Record: 1-0 (3-1 Win over London)

The European gods of GOATs have arrived! Paris handled London with ease and showed near perfect mastery of the standard 3-3 composition. Though not locked into playing only that, the Eternal certainly showed they have no reason to really switch off it as they know the workings of it down to the t. However, with them only have that one match against the Spitfire, we’ll see if it was all smoke and mirrors and if they’re able to handle much more capable opponents.

4. Vancouver Titans

Record: 1-0 (4-0 over Shanghai)

Yeah yeah yeah, I know they only played against Shanghai, but they murdered the Dragons. Having your only match of the opening week be against the worst team in the League is certainly beneficial and the Titans took advantage. The Titans are a top team in my mind until it’s proven otherwise. Case Closed….

3. Atlanta Reign

Record: 1-1 (4-0 Win over Florida, 3-2 Loss to Philadelphia)

Welcome back Dafran, we’ve missed you! Coming out with Torbjorn at the start of your League debut is quite the power-play, but it more than worked out for Atlanta. They look really good as they handily took care of business against Florida and delivered what could be considered “Match of the Week” against the Fusion. They showed themselves to be very flexible with their compositions and can bring it to anyone who they face. Things look really good for the Reign.

2. New York Excelsior

Record: 2-0 (3-1 Win over Washington, 2-1 Win over Boston)

Wins over a retooled Boston and the newbies in Washington in themselves aren’t overly impressive on paper, but New York took care of business as usual. Like before, the Excelsior dismantled their two opponents with ease, though dropping two maps in the process so not perfect. There’s no reason to believe New York is anything but one of the best, it’s just we need to seem them play more quality opponents before guaranteeing them the top spot just yet.

1. Philadelphia Fusion

Record: 2-0 (3-1 Win over London, 3-2 Win over Atlanta)

Should New York be number 1? Maybe. But I believe Philly is the team to beat as of currently. They showed they can play whatever they need to win, albeit looking shaky for brief moments. Taking down a Dafran-lead Atlanta squad looked to be no easy task but Carpe and the boys did it. The gap between Philly and New York is tiny if there even is one as one slip up by them could easily send them tumbling down the rankings. Just for now, they look to have the top spot in the League.

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