Overwatch League Power Rankings- Stage 1: Week 3

Aidan Fort

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Week 2 certainly proved how volatile the League is and how close this 3-3 meta places most teams. A handful of “upsets” makes these kinds of rankings a handful to put together as teams you thought were decent looked miserable as well as the other way around. Regardless, I’ll do my best to throw some semblance of rankings together.

(1) 1: New York Excelsior

Record: 3-0 (3-2 Win over Los Angeles, 4-0 Win over Houston)

After looking a tad shaky in their first few matches, their slaughter of the Houston Outlaws reminded everyone just how terrifying this team is. They put on a masterclass at how to beat a team into submission, allowing the Outlaws to only a single point over the course of the whole series. When the Excelsior are playing at their max potential, nobody can beat them and I mean nobody. Look out Overwatch League, New York is coming for blood…

(2) 2: Vancouver Titans

Record: 3-0 (3-2 Win over Guangzhou, 3-1 Win over San Francisco)

The Titans clutched wins in their two matches this week, simple as that. Both series were extremely close and every time it just seemed like Vancouver was able to pull something ridiculous out and come away with the win. The whole roster is impressive and just goes to show how far synergies can go. If not for New York, Vancouver would be on top.

(2) 3: Paris Eternal

Record: 2-0 (2-1 Win over Los Angeles)

The GOATkeepers continue their masterclass of the composition. Even against a strong Gladiators team, the Eternal kept to their guns and held firm till the end. Until someone is able to beat them at their own game, Paris will hold their place as one of the best at running the meta-defining 3-3.

(1) 4: Atlanta Reign

Record: 2-1 (3-1 Win over Toronto)

Atlanta impressed once again with a takedown of Toronto, though they definitely wanted that 4-0 and had to settle with the 3-1 scoreline. Dafran is really showing himself to be an excellent Zarya on top of other heroes he has already previously proven himself to be amazing at. there are many cracks in the armor of the Reign, With matches against Paris and the Gladiators coming up, Atlanta will get even more chances to show they’re some of the best of the best.

(1) 5: San Francisco Shock

Record: 1-2 (3-1 Loss to Vancouver)

The 3-1 scoreline of their loss to Vancouver doesn’t come close to reflecting how truly close that match was. One or more fights go the way of the Shock and they’d be 2-1. The team looked very impressive even in a loss to one of the best teams in the League. The Shock have what looks to be an easier match load for this next week, so expect them to come out swinging in order to amend their losses.

(2) 6: Seoul Dynasty

Record: 2-1 (4-0 Win over Chengdu)

Having your only match of the week being a masterful 4-0 really helps bolster all levels of confidence and momentum for the following week. The Dynasty looked clinical in all aspects of their play against Chengdu and just appear to be getting better. Fissure is the main-tank the team needed and it’s paying dividends to the team.

(8) 7: Guangzhou Charge

Record: 1-2 (4-0 Win over Dallas, 3-2 Loss to Vancouver)

The Charge had an impressive second week. Thoroughly manhandling the Fuel and nearly taking down the Titans is no small feat, making the Charge very deserving of the rankings jump they’ve received. The whole roster has looked impressive and they’ve shown they’re capable of playing a variety of team compositions and not jump standard 3-3. With Week 3 matchups against Florida and the Valiant, the Charge have the opportunity to further cement themselves in the higher rankings on the League.

(1) 8: Los Angeles Gladiators

Record: 1-2 (2-1 Loss to Paris)

A loss to what could be considered the gatekeepers of GOATs all while playing their game is not necessarily a bad one. It was bold of the Gladiators to make their attempt at trying to successfully win the 3-3 mirror match, but they very nearly pulled it off. We will have to see in their future matches if the team is able to pull it back against what could be considered weaker opponents.

(8) 9: Philadelphia Fusion

Record: 2-2 (2-1 Loss to Florida, 3-1 Loss to Chengdu)

The absence of Boombox was apparent this week. Elk looked very uncomfortable in the flex-support role and rightfully so as he has never played it in his professional career. While not playing entirely bad, it does appear that they depend more on the Winston variation of 3-3 which does often put them in tough situations. Hopefully, with the return of Boombox the Fusion can correct what was a very ugly Week 2.

(1) 10: Los Angeles Valiant

Record: 0-3 (3-2 Loss to NYXL, 2-1 Loss to Toronto)

Having two close losses is heartbreaking, just ask Houston. Even at 0-3, the Valiant are far from dead. All of their losses have been by a single map and they fought to the bitter end in all of them. Izayaki is proving to be an excellent Zen, though the team needs to better build around him. In addition, the rotation of Kuki and Custa at main support needs to get a looking at as it’s unclear of the benefits of having that rotation. Besides that, the team needs to just be able to get over the hump and start winning these tightly contested games.

(3) 11: Toronto Defiant

Record: 2-1 (3-1 Loss to Atlanta, 2-1 Win over Los Angeles)

A tough loss to an outstanding Reign and an impressive win over the Valiant really help Toronto rise in these rankings. The team is looking like they have gotten over their stage nerves from last week and came to play against Los Angeles. Even in their loss to Atlanta, the Defiant didn’t look like pushovers at all. With Neko set to return soon, the sky’s the limit with what could be a dark-horse roster.

(3) 12: Dallas Fuel

Record: 2-2 (4-0 Loss To Guangzhou, 3-1 Win over Philadelphia)

So far, it has been a tale of two Fuels. One day they can come out and wipe the floor with a team and the next they are the ones getting wiped. It’s difficult to really pinpoint what exactly happens to Dallas that causes them to fall off of cliffs for their losses, but what we do know is that they play much better with aKm in the lineup as opposed to Effect, which is a tad surprising. Regardless, Dallas needs to really work on their consistency if they don’t want to keep up these bi-polar performances.

(4) 13: London Spitfire

Record: 2-2 (3-2 Win over Washington, 3-1 Win over Hangzhou)

What did it take for London to start winning? Maybe let Profit off of Brig and allow him to style on Zarya. It’s surprising that it took London two losses to recognize that their best player should be on the highest damage dealer in this meta. The Spitfire do still look a tad shaky in playing 3-3, but they certainly look much better than their abysmal showings last week.

(2) 14: Houston Outlaws

Record: 1-3 (3-1 Win over Hangzhou, 4-0 Loss to NYXL)

Finally getting themselves in the win column in Season 2. With a few lineup changes for the Spark match, the Outlaws took care of business and looked solid. That all came crashing down to Earth against New York, however. To the Outlaws credit, they weren’t inherently playing poorly, but NYXL was just playing out of their minds and probably would’ve done that almost any other team at that point. The Outlaws still have issues they need to sort out in terms of what players to roll out with and what comps to even play.

(5) 15: Hangzhou Spark

Record: 2-2 (3-1 Loss to Houston, 3-1 Loss to London)

What happened Spark? Coming into Week 1, Hangzhou was highly regarded as one of the teams to watch out for, and yet in both their matches this week they were easily taken down. However, in the last map of both series, they suddenly played well again, so it’s unclear whether they can play consistently at the high level we saw last week.

(4) 16: Chengdu Hunters

Record: 2-1 (4-0 Loss to Seoul, 3-2 Win over Florida)

There aren’t many more entertaining things to watch than a Hunters match. Their unorthodox style of play catches the eye and is exciting when everyone else just runs GOATs into each other. Though they were shut out against Seoul, their wins against Guangzhou and Florida show they are capable of playing scrappy on the backside of Ameng’s outstanding Wrecking Ball play.

(3) 17: Shanghai Dragons

Record: 1-2 (3-1 Win over Boston)

1-42. They finally did it! Seems like the Dragons have now found their footing in the Overwatch League, even if it was against what could be called a crippled Boston team who had to switch main-tanks mere minutes before the match. The addition of Gamsu and the Kongdoo Panthera core paid off and will only continue to do so. Time will tell to what extent this roster can take it to the more experienced and proven teams in the League. Finally, they’re coming out of the basement…

(1) 18: Florida Mayhem

Record: 1-2 (2-1 Win over Philadelphia, 3-2 Loss to Chengdu)

Now that’s the Florida we were expecting to see. Granted, Philly didn’t look to be themselves during the whole thing, but the Mayhem brought it to them. Paired with a close loss to the Hunters, Florida is looking better with every passing week and will hopefully be able to reach levels that were previously unattainable before.

(6) 19: Boston Uprising

Record: 1-2 (3-1 Loss to Shanghai)

Nobody wanted to be the first team that Shanghai took down, but it was going to happen eventually, right? In Boston’s defense, they were told just before their match that Fusions was ineligible to play in the match, leading them to turn to Axxiom almost last minute. This would explain the sloppy play the team exhibited during the series. I expect this roster to fix itself up in the upcoming weeks, however.

(2) 20: Washington Justice

Record: 0-2 (3-2 Loss to London)

Having played only two games thus far certainly doesn’t help the Justice. Taking London to 5 maps is impressive after the beating they took last week, but the Spitfire themselves haven’t looked great anyways. With San Francisco, Seoul, and Paris still on their schedule, Washington has an uphill battle to reach anything relevant this stage.

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