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As Halloween of 2018 crept closer, some pretty scary stuff came along with it. Telling fake scary stories in front of a camp fire, going to haunted houses, and watching scripted horror movies every October is a cliché that most of us have come to know and love over the years, but what if some of those spooky stories weren’t so fake after all?

Ever since I was little, ghosts have been an interest of mine, and it wasn’t until recently that I started to think maybe they were more than a subject in one of my favorite movie genres. When I was younger, I remember having a strange feeling about the room I shared with my sister. This feeling was the reason I’d randomly wake up in the middle of every night and run to my parent’s room in fear. The scariest part about this was what usually woke me. Most nights at around the same time, I’d wake up to the sound of my own name being called from the corner of my room, only when I looked at that corner, all I saw was a big black shadow. This shadow was somewhat man-shaped, but I was always told by my parents that I was too young to distinguish the difference between imagination and reality.

Fast forward about 8 years, that spooky room is the same one I live in today. Although whatever spirit living in it has grown out of waking me from perfectly good slumber, I don’t find the things that happen in that corner to be coincidental. There have been multiple occasions in which my cat goes to the same corner that used to wake me up and meows right at it when there seems to be nothing there. Thankfully, she doesn’t seem too spooked by whoever she’s talking to. Sometimes she even brings her toys to it and plays with it. I guess that goes to show that not all ghosts are evil after all.

If the ghost living next to my closet hasn’t convinced you yet, my experience hasn’t been the only one shared recently. In an interview, Coach Tatum, our journalism teacher here at AHS, revealed that spirits are no stranger to him. Since the loss of his of his twin brother, he notices a presence every year on his birthday at the exact time he was born. As well as this, his mother started to visit him after passing away and she still communicates with him. He states that she’s told him things that no one else knows and that she has let him know her leaving was for the best.

Before becoming very familiar with afterlife, Tatum had an encounter with a spirit at an abandoned house he and his friends went to. Although they’d heard rumors about the house being haunted, they decided to go, and learned that these rumors were more accurate than they thought. To make sure they had the same number of people they came in with, Tatum counted how many friends were there before they got there and again while they were inside. To his surprise, the number of visitors had changed since their arrival- instead of 10, they now had 11. The 11th visitor turned out to be a shadow outside of the window telling them to leave. Like anybody with half a brain, they did exactly what the shadow told them to.

Whether one believes ghosts or thinks they’re completely made up, there is no denying that stories like these somehow don’t quite add up to be “just coincidences.” Maybe that creepy feeling we get when we’re alone isn’t so meaningless- maybe that creepy feeling isn’t just a feeling at all.

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