Wendy’s and Wing Stop are Rap Battling… And It’s Pretty Great

A recurring trend on the internet, is that of big brands shooting shots at each other via Twitter.

Verizon on Twitter

Still waiting to see T-Mobile’s new ad? Maybe it’s because you have T-mobile. #getabetternetwork
















Needless to say it’s pretty great when they make it interesting and go along with each other. And that’s exactly what happened this week when a user tweeted out this.

⌘ Nat ⌘ on Twitter

Isn’t this that Migos song




What ensued will surely go down as one of the greatest Twitter Beefs of our time, as both Wendy’s and Wing Stop went blow for blow, spitting heat as the rest of Twitter was rolling in the background.











Here’s some of the fire that was tweeted from both sides.

Wingstop 🍗 on Twitter

A frosty and a fry? Giiiirl bye. Wingstop flavor bringin’ all the cravers! They eat us now and save you for later. ✌🏽 https://t.co/Kt3eeeWfUx

Wendy’s on Twitter

Please They eat us now, they eat us later Adding up our Wins on a calculator You’re a laughless clown, or a king that’s throneless Let me get those wings uuuuhhhhhhh boneless https://t.co/vXdnQXf7UD

Wingstop 🍗 on Twitter

Add ’em up, add ’em up. Ain’t nothin’ like Wingstop ranch in a cup. Not here to throw shade, just spittin’ some heat. 🍔/🍗 nah, that’s weak. https://t.co/ebNpd8ibJz
































Now it’s time for you to decide. Who won the rap battle? Vote below to see the results.

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