Who Made The Potato Salad…?

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For Thanksgiving, everyone tries to cook something to show off for the family, but sometimes some dishes just taste and look better in the trash. There’s always a “struggle plate” going around the internet for recognition, but that’s not the case. That supposedly potato salad or roasted turkey plate had turned into pure amusement and sympathy towards those who has to fake their way through that meal.


This first dish is interesting to explain. Obviously we have some lettuce around it, deviled eggs, a sauce that is supposed to be tomato sauce with the eggs, and in the middle some dip. Just by looking at this you most likely wouldn’t want this on your plate.

Someone thought putting only 3 slices of cheese in a large macaroni dish would be enough. This may look appetizing, but it’s definitely not worth eating with not enough cheese on it.

This one I don’t really know whats going on here. All I know is that this doesn’t look appetizing at all.

First, this isn’t enough food you typically get on a plate at  thanksgiving. Second, The meat on this plate doesn’t look like it’s been cooked right or is just dry. Lastly, this just doesn’t look worth it.

This may seem like a creamed corn dish, but with slices of cheese and some other food in it that’s hard to tell what it actually is. This definitely isn’t what your typical creamed corn would look like for thanksgiving . The person who made this at least could’ve mixed it to look a bit better and maybe fit to eat.

This burnt turkey could be just not worth the risk or it could be good or decent under the burnt skin. Either way it’s probably not good enough.

This is honestly just too watery for my preference and probably others too. The stuffing next to it looks decent, but this cabbage is just unappealing.

The last dish is just weird. Why put whole slices of bacon in macaroni and cheese. It doesn’t look like it has much cheese in some areas and just a bunch of bacon bits along with the two slices shown above.


In the end, all of these dishes wouldn’t have made the cut for the dinner table at most peoples houses. At least they put effort into their dish, since they’re willing to take a picture of it to show off. These are all just Thanksgiving dish fails.

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