Black Friday Brawls

Ellory B, Local, State, and National

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In America, Thanksgiving is known as a day to give thanks, see family, eat lots of food, and most of all, the day before Black Friday. The term Black Friday actually came from a financial crisis involving the crash of the U.S. gold market in the 1800s. However, centuries later, we have come to know Black Friday only as a day of sales to help everyone shopping for Christmas presents buy them at lower prices. To someone unfamiliar with this concept, it probably sounds like a pretty clever and harmless idea. To those of us who have grown up observing or even participating in it, Black Friday has become much more than a day of shopping for Christmas presents.

Like many traditions, Black Friday has brought a few issues, but one that seems to stand out each year is the very disturbing, yet often quite entertaining, Black Friday fights. What causes these fights usually depends. Sometimes these Black Friday brawls are started over a marked down television, the hot new kids toy that year, or my favorite, towels for 20% off.

Not only has Black Friday become renowned for starting ridiculous fights, but it has also become a great day for the media to cover. The reason for this is pretty obvious. After all, an article about two women getting into a fist fight over a pillow for $1 off would be entertaining to most of us, and sadly, would not surprise us either. As well as this, just like every other year, the videos Black Friday brought to us this year did not disappoint. These videos are taken of people making complete fools of themselves at locations such as Walmart, Best Buy, and even the mall. If you need a laugh, these compilations of Black Friday altercations might be able to help.


Amused by these videos or not, there is no denying the chaos that arises due to Black Friday. It is not only the busiest shopping day of the year for most places, but it is the most dangerous as well. This day of sales causes fights, injuries, destruction of property, and has even caused some people to be trampled by impatient shoppers.

Over all, despite the beliefs of many, the outcome of Black Friday each year proves that it might actually not be the ideal day to get a new T.V. Many have started to realize that shopping online is not only easier, but a lot safer as well. Either way, it is probable that we can agree that the way we treat each other is far more important than how much money we spend on a lamp that we’ll most likely never even use.

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Black Friday Brawls