A Note For Seniors…

This article will be different from my previous ones. This article is my letter to the seniors of the year 2019. The school year 2018-2019 had honestly went by really fast and now it’s almost graduation, prom, summer, and almost time to take final exams. Although I’m just a junior, next year I’ll be going through what most of you are experiencing right now as you prepare for prom and graduation, but also prepare for college where life will truly begin as an adult.

Usually senior year is when you relax from the previous years and take time trying to pass and graduate, but also just have fun. It’s not too hard and also not super easy, but that’s just a way of preparing for what’s ahead where it will get harder. Right after graduation is where your new life will begin with new experiences whether it’s from going to college or staying in town working more. No matter what just know it’ll be amazing and get better from here on out for you.

Eagles always soars to greater heights, so fly higher than you’ve ever gone before in this new journey of adulthood.

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