Dumb and Dumber Day 38: Won’t Get the Job

Aidan Fort

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Welcome to the “Dumb and Dumber ” series where every day we pick someone to be showcased as the Daily Dumb.

Today’s “dummy from Florida” is one Dominick Breedlove who attempted to shoplift two pairs of shoes from a Khol’s after a job interview. When you’ve interviewed for a job somewhere, there are not very many other things worse to do than trying to steal from that same place. Not only that, but a Khol’s? Really? of all the places you’re going to try to steal from why a Kohl’s? This man’s decision making needs a bit of a looking at. To no one’s surprise, Breedlove did not get the job.

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Dumb and Dumber Day 38: Won’t Get the Job