Dumb and Dumber Day 84: How to Get Out of Work 101

Aidan Fort

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Welcome back to the “Dumb and Dumber ” series where every day we pick someone to be showcased as the Daily Dumb.

Bet you can’t guess which state today’s “Daily Dumb” is from. 32-year-old Brian Anderson decided he didn’t want to work his 11 a.m. shift at Hardee’s. So what does he do to avoid doing that? He does the logical thing that we all would do: calls 9-1-1 to report a fake incident. Yes, you read that right: Anderson called in to report a fake robbery in order to avoid going to work. Did his little act actually get him out of his shift? Technically, yes. While he didn’t have to go and work, he was charged $1000 for his funny little call and is now in Polk County Jail for it. So it did work, just not in the way Anderson was hoping.


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