Dumb and Dumber Day 90: Trigger Finger

Aidan Fort

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Welcome back to the “Dumb and Dumber ” series where every day we pick someone to be showcased as the Daily Dumb.

We get to return to our favorite state of idiots to grab today’s “Daily Dumb” story. 71-year-old Joel William Benjamin was arrested for filling up and squirting a water gun at a woman who was walking her dog. From the surface that seems harmless and him being jailed seems a bit harsh. That is until you learn that he filled that water gun with his urine. Yeah….. Benjamin even stated that he would do it again if he could, although his motivations for doing it in the first place are unknown. Squirting people with squirt guns is a bit weird sometimes, but doing so with the gun being full of pee is certainly puzzling and extremely odd.

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