Dumb and Dumber Day 97: Totally a Blackout

Aidan Fort

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Welcome back to the “Dumb and Dumber ” series where every day we pick someone to be showcased as the Daily Dumb.

It seems that many times when an individual is accused of a crime they attempt to deflect the accusation by coming up with ridiculous excuses. In the case of 40-year-old Vanessa Santillan, she ran over her boyfriend with her car following a heated argument and claimed she “blacked out” right before the incident and doesn’t remember it. Her boyfriend was on the sidewalk when he was run over, so the idea that Santillan just happened to black out right before slamming the accelerator and turning directly at him is hilariously unlikely. The fact she even tried to make that a credible claim in quite funny in itself. Santillan came to be arrested after and was charged with aggravated assault and failing to remain at the scene of a collision with injuries.

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