Game Day on MLK Day by the NBA

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Every year the NBA does something to commemorate to Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrate MLK Day. Last year, the NBA provided an 11-game slate for fans on MLK Day. The 22 teams had also done their own thing to celebrating MLK Day like having open panel discussions, going on Twitter, or having guest speakers. The teams and games included were…

  • Charlotte Hornets v.s Detroit Pistons
  •  Toronto Raptors v.s Philadelphia 76ers
  • Milwaukee Bucks v.s Washington Wizards
  • San Antonio Spurs v.s Atlanta Hawks
  • New York Knicks v.s Brooklyn Nets
  • Miami Heat v.s Chicago Bulls
  • Los Angeles Lakers v.s Memphis Grizzlies
  • Sacramento Kings v.s Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Golden State Warriors v.s Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Indiana Pacers v.s Utah Jazz
  • Houston Rockets v.s Los Angeles Clippers

This year MLK Day is on a Monday and this year the NBA has  games already lined up starting at 11:30 am til 9:30 pm.

  • Oklahoma City Thunder v.s New York Knicks @11:30 am
  • Chicago Bulls v.s Cleveland Cavaliers @12:00 pm
  • Dallas Mavericks v.s Milwaukee Bucks @1:00 pm
  • Detroit Pistons v.s Washington Wizards @1:00 pm
  • Orlando Magic v.s Atlanta Hawks @2:00 pm
  • Sacramento Kings v.s Brooklyn Nets @2:30 pm
  • New Orleans Pelicans v.s Memphis Grizzlies @4:30 pm
  • Miami Heat v.s Boston Celtics @5:00 pm
  • Houston Rockets v.s Philadelphia 76ers @7:00 pm
  • Portland Trail Blazers v.s Utah Jazz @8:00 pm
  • Golden State Warriors v.s  Los Angeles Lakers @9:30 pm

The NBA had also released a short video of what’s to come on MLK Day which is shown below and has the description “In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, NBA legends Bernard King, Dominique Wilkins, Dikembe Mutombo, and Vince Carter are on hand to witness the raising of banners reflecting shared values of unity and progress. NBA celebrates MLK Day on January 21st. #ThisIsWhyWePlay

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