The Seahawks Sink the 49ers

Justin Grande

Week 10 of the 2019 NFL season ended with a clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

The first half of the game was close with the undefeated 49ers up by only three points. The Seahawks were in what seemed to be an early winter hibernation with the offense having to punt every drive in the first two quarters. The opposing offense wasn’t perfect either. With the first half winding down, Jimmy Garoppolo managed to lose the ball and give up a touchdown, making the game 10-7 San Francisco.

The beginning of the game was sluggish compared to what was to come. The Seahawks absolutely erupted in the third quarter scoring 14 points and shutting out the 49ers. With the last 12 minutes of the game underway the 49ers were not done yet. San Francisco showed why they were undefeated and fired back with 14 points to Seattle’s three making the game go to overtime.

Tied at 24-24 the Seahawks received first in OT. Marching down the field the game looked like it would end with Seattle victorious. With an interception 20 yards from the end zone, the 49ers had a chance to continue their winning streak.

San Francisco attempted a 47 yard field goal to seal the game but it went wide left giving the Seahawks hope again. Seattle did not waste their chance and won the game kicking a 42-yarder.

The game was a roller-coaster of emotions with the 49ers going 8-1 and Russell Wilson making his case for MVP.