ATTENTION!!! Own Up To Your Actions For Everyone’s Sake!

April 18, 2019

Everything happens for a reason and usually it’s out of someones action’s. Lately there’s been incidents in the world that has happened that people aren’t taking up for. Incidents such as the Bill Cosby sexual assault/harassment allegations, Nipsey Hussle’s recent death, the R-Kelly allegations, and plenty more. What I’m trying to say is that African Americans don’t hold themselves accountable for their own actions.

From what I know in general, most of the time people as a whole don’t hold themselves accountable for anything, unless the truth comes out or maybe guilt builds up or maybe even with that they still don’t. A few times even I don’t take responsibility , but i do eventually. For me that means you’re doing something good or something right for others and for yourself and just not taking responsibility just shows you probably can’t be trusted at all.

From what I’ve read and researched on these 3 incidents, I’ve concluded to that there is a person at fault for all 3. It’s obvious from 2 of them of who’s at fault and many would agree to that, but the other had taken a little longer to figure out until recent reports had advertised who was the cause of the incident. For starters, we’ll discuss the 2 sexual assault cases. It’s very obvious to infer from numerous victims that the men accused, R-Kelly and Bill Cosby, that they had committed the actions, yet of course they claim to be not guilty as all people do for these types of charges. They won’t own up to it because of what could happen to them if they do or if the truth comes out and usually that’s where the fear of these situations comes from given them being big influential celebrities of this day in age and have been for a very long time. Even with that, people back then spoke out, but it was ignored for different purposes, even though we all knew what was really going on. Today, these victims..the allegations are taken very seriously and had even prompted the #MeToo Movement supporting those victims to sexual assault/harassment and allowing them the confidence to speak up to the wrong-doing done to them. It’s easy for people with power to have the media and public believe that they had nothing to do with what their accused of and it makes us all re-think about where we stand on them and how much they’ve impacted out lives and sure it’s hard to give up that part of our lives or try to forget, but this is the reality of it and what they’ve done doesn’t excuse anything that they’ve done whether it’s music, favorite tv shows/movies, and etc. They’re guilty of their actions and they definitely know it as well as their lawyers, managers, and others within their circle.¬†As for the man who had ended Nipsey Hussle’s life, he did account for his actions, but his purpose of it is despicable. This was something that shouldn’t have happen nor, be the cause of this tragedy, yet people decided to draw up other conclusions on his death straight up ignoring the facts of something they don’t well enough about.

People choose to ignore morals by not holding themselves accountable for their actions, but everyone should re-think that for the sake of everyone and themselves.


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