Go Hard Softball!

Hannah Dennis, Sports writer

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        Spring, a time where the trees and flowers begin to blossom, longer time in the sun and the iciness of winter is pushed out with warmness. Along with the heat and flowers comes new seasons of sports like softball and baseball for us to watch and enjoy.


       What do you think of when you hear softball? You probably think it’s just the lesser version of baseball, the girls version. However, here at Atascocita High School our softball team kill it and have been having an amazing season so far, they’ve just been proving that softball is not lesser than baseball and that girls can be just as good or even better than boys. Our girls have a streak of 16 wins to 7 losses destroying most of their opponents. Under the leadership of Coach Boyd has become extremely successful, being ranked 1400 nationally and 161 in state.


  • Kingwood Mustangs ( 10-3)
  • Fort Bend Travis Tigers (15-1)
  • Sam Rayburn Texans (15-0)
  • Pasadena Memorial Mavericks (7-6)
  • South Houston Trojans ( 17-0)
  • Pasadena Eagles (21-0)
  • Kingwood Mustangs (2-0)
  • Sam Rayburn Texans (11-0)
  • Brazoswood Buccaneers(10-2)
  • South Houston Trojans (15-0)
  • Pasadena Memorial Mavericks (10-5)
  • Dobie Longhorns (10-6)
  • Pasadena Eagles (16-0)
  • Plano West Wolves (12-6)
  • Bowie Bulldogs (10-7)
  • Midway Panthers (3-2)


  • Hendrickson Hawks ( 2-1)
  • Austin Maroons (9-2)
  • Dobie Longhorns ( 16-15)
  • Summer Creek Bulldogs (8-5)
  • Humble Wildcats (2-0)
  • Summer Creek Bulldogs (12-7)

Our softball girls are truly excellent example of what determination is and they will continue to make us here at Atascocita High School proud. Eagles Strong! Keep it up Softball!


Along with our softball team our Atascocita baseball team has been crushing it and demolishing the competition. They are guided by Coach Eric Matthews, ranked 1034 nationally and 105 in state, they also have a streak of 12-6.


  • Cypress Falls Eagles (5-2)
  • Cypress Creek Cougars (6-0)
  • Klein Cain (8-0)
  • Klein Oak Panthers (10-9)
  • Seven Lakes Spartans (7-1)
  • Hargrave Falcons (7-1)
  • Spring Lions (11-3)
  • Fort Bend Austin Bulldogs (7-3)
  • Bridgeland Bears (16-0)
  • Seven Lakes Spartans (3-0)
  • Summer Creek Bulldogs ( 5-2)
  • Summer Creek Bulldogs (14-3)


  • The Woodlands Highlanders (5-0)
  • Flower Mound Jaguars (6-2)
  • Kingwood Mustangs (5-0)
  • Jersey Village Falcons (2-1)
  • Kingwood Mustangs (2-1)
  • Tomball Memorial Wildcats (5-4)



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Go Hard Softball!