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The Talon

The student news site of Atascocita High School

The Talon

The student news site of Atascocita High School

The Talon

Inventions Made To Get Plastic Out Of Oceans

May 14, 2021

The abundance of plastic produced today is harming sea animals; this is a very serious problem. With oceans full of plastic, you can find sea turtles and penguins with six-pack rings around their necks....

Video Games During Quarantine

Video Games During Quarantine

Trinity Mayhew January 26, 2021

There are many video games that have helped with 2020:  For instance “Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Among Us” and so many more. These games have helped with communication with friends because of...

Google Pixel 4 XL vs. iPhone 11 Pro

Trinity Mayhew November 5, 2019

The Google Pixel 4 XL and iPhone 11 Pro: Are they similar? We are all aware that the Google Pixel 4 XL and the iPhone 11 Pro are pretty similar. While both phones have a three- camera build, both have...

A Smok vaping device with out Juul pod, this device is mainly used by teens.

The Dangers Of Vaping

Trinity Mayhew October 15, 2019

 Vaping: Sorry kids it's not good for ya Vaping in teens is spreading like a modern plague. "Kids are most likely to start vaping because all of the flavors are marketed towards teens,” Gold 2...

Don’t Trust Amazon

Trinity M., Author September 9, 2019

Amazon is sending the order information of some users to completely different individuals. Many have emailed, called, and complained about this but they have yet to do something about this prominent issue...

Alexa vs Google Assistant

Ariah Whitlow February 28, 2019

People of the world either have one or the other, Alexa or Google Assistant. Both devices have their own pros and cons, but no matter the cons both are being sold consistently. First we have the Alexa,...

Samsung Galaxy X & IPhone XS

Ariah Whitlow September 13, 2018

There's something new every year, especially in the tech world. Soon, Apple will release its new IPhone XS to the public. Samsung has also been creating a new phone that might be able to upstage Apple's...

Android Go: Is It A Yes Or No?

Ariah Whitlow September 5, 2018

Recently, Samsung had just released its first ever device based on Android Go, or also known as Android Oreo.  Before we explain what the new device is or how it operates we have to know what the Android...

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