Upcoming TV Series

Natalie Garcia

This year there seem to be a multitude of shows premiering and of series being rebooted, so we can expect a great year of entertainment. We can expect interesting series such as-

  • The Rookie
  • The Passage
  • Into the Dark
  • FBI
  • Titans

And multiple others. With spine-tingling action to slice of life drama, there is a variety of shows to watch. There are also several reboots for well-known series like-

  • Magnum P.I
  • Charmed
  • Dynasty
  • Heathers

And others to come. With all these series coming up, what better way to prepare than to have a schedule for the month to find out whether or not the show you’ve been waiting for has come out yet. With shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, to entertain you with the attention- grabbing way of how restaurants work and what really goes on in them. To how people cook to how people serve, and the diverse way of how they do it. Including Gordon Ramsey, and how he deals with the condition of some restaurants with positivity or-most of the time- disbelief.  The Rookie with its entertaining yet thrilling action with John Nolan, (Nathan Fillion) trying to start his life again after a life-changing incident and how he is willing to do what it takes to be a LAPD police officer. To dramas and comedies, we will have some amusing shows to watch this year and not be bored with all the great series to come.