The Evolution of the Saturday Cartoon

Natalie Garcia

As a kid, cartoons were most likely a part of our lives as a purpose of entertainment. There were a variety of shows to watch with different concepts and ideas to entertain people.


The Smurfs with their quirky personalities and how they deal with everyday things to battling it out with the ever persistent Gargamel. Alvin and the Chipmunks trying to deal with school and live life while driving their manager and parent figure, Dave insane. The comical Looney Tunes with their multitude of episodes with amusing stories.

The adventures of Pac Man while him and his family battle against the Ghost Monsters: Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde, and Sue. There were also the cartoons with people who were heroes, such as X-Men with people who mutations come together to form a group. Super Friends with Aquaman, Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman as the main core of the group, trying to keep peace.


The everyday lives of Peter Parker, Bobby Jones, and Angelica Jones in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as their alto egos of Spider-Man, Ice-Man, and Firestar. With some educational cartoons as well like Schoolhouse Rock with its little musical shorts teaching kids specific subjects with a catchy song. Or Cap’n O. G. Readmore who encouraged kids to read for themselves in order to enjoy reading. There were also the genre of mystery with shows like Scooby Doo, where the gang solved mysteries where ever they went and The Real Ghost Busters trying to capture ghosts while on the job. With this diversity to choose from, Saturday cartoons were exciting to watch.

Skip a few years down the road, and you get the cartoons that are aired now. Shows that seem to use a repetitive story line in the same genre, that it has become so unamusing to watch cartoons. It has become a continuous cycle of overrated T.V. series that are not even worth watching now. Some shows like this are Uncle Granadpa which doesn’t seem to have any form of plot or sense to it, Clarence with its rather bland storyline that is seen throughout multiple other shows, Mighty Magiswords with its strange concepts and character design that surround swords, and Teen Titans Go which does not give justice to the original. While yes, there are lots of other cartoons that are not as good; there are multiple that are.

Image result for the amazing world of gumballSome include The Amazing World of Gumball with its hilarious slice of life drama, Gravity Falls with its interesting plot full of mystery, Steven Universe with its captivating art style, and Rick and Morty with its rather crazy yet hilarious content.

And if you are someone who continues to watch cartoons, you’ll be more likely to see all the changes that have happened with cartoons back in the day versus now. We see how concepts have changed with storyline, different art styles that are being demonstrated, how plot is being used, and what types of genre are shown and what is being produced with all these factors combined. The question is though; what you believe about cartoons, were they better before or are they more entertaining now?