Movies to watch with your loved ones

Natalie Garcia

As February is the month of love, here we have some movie suggestions to watch with your significant others.

First we’re going to start with is 50 First Dates. The story of Adam Sandler, who plays the role of Henry, has fallen in love with the beautiful Lucy(Drew Barrymore), who unfortunately gets short-term memory loss. This leads to her never remembering what happened the day before and how Henry tries to charm her everyday while dealing with her overprotective family. Crazy Rich Asians, as Rachel Chu who goes with her boyfriend Nick, to his best friend’s wedding and discovers a lot of his family. Learning this information, she has to not only deal with jealous upper class and Nick’s disapproving mother. The Proposal with its rather comedic storyline as Sandra Bullock who plays Margaret, is faced with deportation and finds her only solution in saying she is married to her assistant. Ryan Reynolds who plays Andrew, goes along with her, but with conditions of his own such as meeting his family in Alaska. Having to keep up with the charade and dealing with immigration officials, it is bound to get interesting. Best friends Liv and Kate in Bride Wars, have been planning their weddings since childhood and even chose the same place. But when there’s an error in the dates and their weddings are on the same day, their friendship will truly be tested.

On a more sincere note, The Notebook with Noah Calhoun and Allie who fall in love with each other, but with obstacles in the way. Her parents not approving and him going off to serve in the army, it had seemed as the love was gone. Years later when Noah returns, the spark they had before was rekindled. Pride and Prejudice as an adaptation of the novel, with Elizabeth Bennet, who lives with her family in the countryside and is faced with marriage meets Dr. Darcy. Sparks fly and while they are compatible, Darcy’s nature may be a problem. Annie Hall as comedian Alvy Singer tells the tale of his relationship with nightclub singer Annie Hall. Reflecting, he tells the story of how they met and the struggles that come with romance. And A Walk to Remember, as a high school senior falls in love with a genuine young woman. The two develop a strong relationship and live to discover truths that would of have taken other an entire lifetime to figure out.

Onto more teen friendly and related movies, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is about how Lara Jean writes a love letter to all the boys she has loved and stores them in a hatbox. Somehow they get mailed and her seemingly imaginary love life goes to out of control with the events that come. Based off the book, The Kissing Booth as a high school has to face her crush at a kissing booth she signs up for at a spring carnival. And just with that summary, you can tell it’s going to get awkward. Valentine’s Day with its stories of Los Angeles residents and the ups and downs of love in their interconnectedness of their experiences. And full of all sorts of commitments and rekindled crushes, it’s a movie to look forward to. Set It Up, as two assistants who are overworked and underpaid, try to get their bosses together in order to be less stressed during work. The bittersweet story of Hazel and Gus who are cancer patients in The Fault in Our Stars, as they fall in love. They enjoy the time they have together and go on a adventure as well. A somewhat similar movie, Everything, Everything describes the tale of Maddy, who can not leave her house because of a illness and Olly, the boy next door who wants to be with her. Forming deep bonds with each other, they are willing to risk it all, even if it means everything. And The DUFF, a movie of how high-school senior Bianca finds out she is known as the DUFF-designated ugly fat friend. In a quick way to change that, she asks Wesley, the likable jock for help. While trying to gain confidence in herself , she is faced with overthrowing a immensely judgmental student and changing to the school’s social construct.

For a more kid friendly environment, Another Cinderella Story with Drew Seeley playing the part of Joey Parker yearns to meet the beautiful dancer Mary(Selena Gomez) who he met at a masked ball. Enchanted as the young and beautiful Giselle get transported away from Andalasia and to New York from her Prince Charming’s evil stepmother. There she meets bitter divorce lawyer Robert who helps her, but after all the events that take place she questions whether or not to stay. You’ve probably already know this one, but Beauty and the Beast is next. While yes the other disney princess movies count, this one specifically has a special message. As the arrogant prince is cursed along with his castle’s servants by a enchantress, he is to learn how to love and be loved. This leads to Belle coming into his life and with the help of the servants, is able to get him out of his shell more. And Shrek as he goes off to find the princess in order to get all other fairytale creatures out of his swamp. As he embarks on this journey, he is faced with discovering new emotions involving the Princess Fiona and he learns to love and be loved and how appearance should not change the way you think about a person.

For a romance with a twist, there is Beastly, as arrogant teenager Kyle Kingson ticks off one specific classmate, he is cursed to forever be ugly unless he finds true love. Enter Linda Taylor and you’ve got a drama and fantasy packed movie of finding one’s true inner beauty. And Warm Bodies in a world where it’s divided between zombie and human, and the story of R and Julie. As their bond gets stronger and he becomes more human, the phenomenon could change the world they live in.

For a more classic approach of romance the Titanic, Moonstruck, Sixteen Candles, West Side Story are on the list. Titanic,  as two different people meet and fall in love while bonding in between end in tragedy. Moonstruck with Italian-American Loretta as she gets married with her boyfriend but ends up falling for his younger brother. There are multiple problems on the way but she is able to overcome. Sixteen Candles, a classic in which Samantha is faced with her 16th birthday, but with dread. While facing her crush on popular senior Jake, she has to deal with nerdy Ted and other problems in her adolescence. And West Side Story, a take on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Taking place in New York, the two gangs situations become a bit difficult when one of the rival members fall in love with their rival’s daughter. And with that sticky situation, love will be tested.

With all these great movies, your Valentine’s Day is good to go. Pick one, grab some snacks, and get watching! Happy Valentine’s Day!