Horror Movies You Should Watch On Halloween

It’s that time of the year. The world gets a little darker, evil orange faces decorate the outsides of houses, cavities become more abundant, and people are in the mood for terror. What better way to satisfy this craving for fear than with the adrenaline spiking experience of horror movies?

Shaun Of The Dead— More of a Comedy, but with Zombies 

A mix of horror and comedy, Shaun Of The Dead, directed by the acclaimed Edgar Wright, will make you chuckle and jump at the same time. The film follows Shaun, a thirty-something year-old man who is bored with his mundane life. When all of a sudden he finds himself in the middle of a zombie outbreak, he must grow as a person and learn to take action in order to survive. While the movie is full of gory zombies with a lust for human flesh, it also provides a solid story line with valuable character development and many clever shots that add to both the visual comedy and horror effect. Though it may not leave you lying awake at night, Shaun Of The Dead is sure to satisfy all of your horror movie needs.

28 Days Later— The Actual Zombie Apocalypse 

In the film 28 Days Later, a group of animal-rights activist free virus-infected chimps from a medical research lab, commencing a massive infectious outbreak. Twenty eight days later, cycle courier Jim wakes up from a coma to find his city completely deserted of anything except dead bodies. Banning with a group of survivors, Jim embarks on a journey to safety from the zombie-like victims. 28 days later will immerse you in its story, leaving you with the lingering fear of infection as well.

The Shining— A Mind Bending Classic

The Shining is based on the popular Stephen King novel. It tells the story of Jack Torrance, a man who decides to serve as a winter caretaker of the isolated Overlook Hotel in hopes of focusing on his writing. He settles into the hotel along with his wife Wendy and his son Danny. Danny experiences physic premonitions. As time passes, Wendy and Danny are at risk of their lives when Jack, still facing a block in his creativity, slowly begins to lose his mind as he uncovers the mysteries lying in the depths of the hotel. With a mix of disturbing visuals, looming madness and the supernatural, The Shining might just redefine your definition of horror.

Get Out— The Mix of Horror and Reality

Get Out tells the story of Chris who is meeting his girlfriend Rose’s parents for the first time on a weekend getaway to her family home. In their first few interactions, Chris takes the families extreme eagerness to please him to be a dislike for their daughters interracial relationship. However, as the weekend continues and eerie discoveries are made, Chris finds himself in the midst of a horrible truth that could end his life. A reflection of race issues in both America’s past and present, Get Out will make you question the reality we live in and fear the extremities of the evil of a human’s heart.

A Nightmare On Elm Street— Cheesy and from the 80’s

A classic slasher film, A Nightmare On Elm Street introduces one of the most beloved Halloween figures, Freddy Krueger a horribly disfigured creature who preys on teenagers in their dreams.  When he begins to target their town, a group of teenagers led by Nancy and her boyfriend Glen must solve the puzzle to end the nightmare murders and most of all must stay awake. A true classic to the horror genre, A Nightmare on Elm Street provides famous movie visuals still known to this day. (Plus, young Johnny Depp in a crop-top won’t be the worst thing to cross your eyes.)

So, take the night to watch one of these movies with a warm blanket, a bucket of Halloween candy and a pillow to cover your eyes when the creepy music starts playing. Happy Halloween!