good reads: poems

Poems have many different feelings in them: anger, heart break, the stress of school and life in general. Here are my top five poetry reads.

Number one on my list is “Empty Bottles Full of Stories.” The compilation in this book is in two different parts. “The Curse” by Robert M. Drake and “The Gift” by r.h Sin. The poems in this book are about heartbreak and getting back up and becoming stronger because of the pain you have experienced. I saw the moon during the day and it reminded me that nothing is impossible because sometimes nothing can stop the moon from witnessing the sun. “Ludicrum 19” by – r.h Sin  Because missing you is a science and I’m still a scientist and the chemistry between the heart and love will always be a lie. “What They Don’t Teach In Science Class” by -Robert M. Drake.

Number two on my list is “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur. This compilation of poems tells Kaur’s journey and everything she went through when she was younger. The poems in this book show that you’re not alone with the things you go through and takes us through the heart break she has gone through. Love is not cruel we are cruel love is not a game we have made a game out of love. – Rupi Kaur

Number three on my list is “light filters in: poems by Caroline Kaufman.” This compilation of poems are from a teen poet on Instagram @poeticpoison. What Caroline does in the book is to reflect on her own experiences like not giving too much of yourself to someone else, or not fitting in with the rest of the crowd. Don’t ask for respect; demand it. Don’t look for an opportunity; grab it. Don’t add to the world; change it. -Caroline Kaufman

Number four on my list is “Love, and You” by Gretchen Gomez. This compilation of poems shows the lows of a toxic relationship to discovering inner strength and self love. This book has a raw and honest view of being in a toxic relationship. My worth is not beneath the land you walk on. – Gretchen Gomez

Number five on my list is “I Don’t Want To Be Crazy” by Samantha Schutz. These compilations of poems show the struggle of a student in the grip of a psychological disorder. At first Samantha was excited for the possibilities that come with college but the pressures of independence increased and everything began to take a turn. It began a hard and relate-able road of poetry. I am not happy. I am not unhappy. I am frozen somewhere in the middle that is so much worse. I am NOWHERE. Nothing is happening and I am getting more and more sad. – Samantha Schutz

These books inspire you to better yourself and love yourself no matter what terrible past you have come from. They helped me through many hardships and I think they would help you too.