Band solo and ensemble

Many organizations have made the most out of the year dealing with COVID and its effects. However, this has not stopped the school’s organizations from trying to find normalcy such as still having events that would’ve happened in a normal school year. The band for example, has done its yearly solo and ensemble for the students. 

I definitely think it affected who decided to participate because we had less time than we were used to having. It definitely affected my playing as I was not able to spend as much time as I would’ve liked to prepare my music,” senior Jewel LaGarde said. “I prefer last year because not only did we get more time to prepare but there was also time to hang out with friends and practice your music before your time.”

It is normally a mandatory event but with the circumstances it was optional for students to decide with their safety in mind. Many liked the idea of having the option of choosing since some would like to focus on other subjects a bit more. With that in mind, some students participated.

“I think COVID affected players poorly because of a lack of time management. Over the span of quarantine, people became more relaxed which caused a lack of preparation,” sophomore Kacie Warren said. “The people that did not prepare a solo for this year lost an opportunity to see what they could do great at and what they need to improve on musically.”

Many of the freshmen decided not to do it for reasons such as school work, activities, and jobs, while some freshmen did decide to have a try at juggling all those things and learning their music. Those who participated found it was organized differently than when they were in middle school. It was an experience that they could compare to and think about if they decide to engage in again for the next year.

“I don’t think COVID affected my playing/performance because neither me nor my family has caught COVID and I was able to practice my music,” freshmen Rachel Melendez said. “I would love to perform again for solo and ensemble. It was a fun way to challenge myself and learn how to play in difficult situations!”

While the pandemic has made it somewhat difficult to do certain things for the band, it has not hindered them as they have managed to adapt to the situation. Even though the school year has been different thanks to COVID, organizations have continued to thrive and persevere through the obstacles that it has been given to them.