The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ellory Brossette, Editor-in-chief

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG), an inspiration and role model to many, passed away on Sept. 18. After being the first female to become a member of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, among many other accomplishments, Ginsburg was known by most as a feminist icon and an overall inspiration to young girls and people all over the country. As we mourn the loss of her, people are recognizing the importance of her legacy.

After her death reached world-wide news, Ginsburg was remembered for making an amazing mark on America during her time. People across the world have spoken up about the impacts she made on their lives, and the lives of many.

“RBG wasn’t just another Supreme Court Justice,” The Daily Show writer and producer Trevor Noah said. “She was an American icon.” 

While those who knew her were mourning her passing, many were also inspired to see her in a positive light. Friends have spoken of the legacy she left behind and all she accomplished for the world around her. Political leaders and influencers have taken time to remember her efforts and achievements.

“Her entire legal career and her time on the Supreme Court really pushed open a new set of possibilities for women all over the country and all over the world,” Former First Lady Michelle Obama said. “She was an icon— a great role model to me, and a dear friend to me and to Barack, and she will be sorely missed.”

Ginsburg was not only an inspiration to celebrities and former government officials, she touched the lives of many aspiring young girls who looked up to her. Students have also spoken about the legacy she left before her passing.

“I knew a fair amount about her before, but ever since she died I’ve learned more and more about her life and she just gets more impressive every day,” Senior Megan Sculley said. “I think that everyone should know how she used her seat on the Supreme Court to advocate for acceptance and equality and be a little more like Ruth.”

“There is no doubt she has severely impacted my life,” Senior Brooke Deller said. “Her many accomplishments while serving opened the doors blocking me and other women from success and equality.”