A talk with tutors of the National Honor Society

Senior Jordan Fox

Q: When did you join the National Honor Society (NHS) and why?

Jordan Fox: I joined the National Honor Society when I was a sophomore and became officially enrolled junior year. I joined because service and volunteer work has been a passion of mine since I was in elementary school

Will McKinney: I joined the National Honor Society at the start of my junior year because I felt like it would give me a good opportunity to do service and also lots of people were applying so I would be able to do it with friends.

Q: What are the subjects that you do tutoring?

Fox: I tutor Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Writing, and World History.

McKinney: I tutor AP World History, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, English 1, English 2, AP Language, and Pre-AP Chemistry.

Q: Do you like tutoring and why?

Fox: I love tutoring because I know what it feels like to have difficulty understanding a certain subject. I’ve found that hearing it from someone my age actually helps a ton. I’m also doing something I’m good at, which makes the job pretty easy.

McKinney: Yes. I think it’s fun to help other people, especially when I like the subject. I understand the pressures that build around grades and it helps to learn from someone that has recently taken the course.

Q: Does tutoring others help you through school?

Fox: It actually helps refresh my memory on subjects that I have done a few years ago, which overall gives me more intelligence in each subject.

McKinney: It helps clarify connections to what I’m learning in the subjects now as well as a refresher on the past courses.

Q: What was your favorite activity with NHS?

Fox: My favorite activity by far is “Hope for the Holidays.” I sponsored this little boy in first grade named Alejandro, and I had such an amazing time getting to interview him and buy him all the gifts he desired.

McKinney: I enjoyed doing a window concert at Rosemont Retirement Home. It wasn’t actually outside because it was raining but we got to perform Christmas music as chamber music for the [residents] and they really enjoyed it. They were so excited and it filled the whole building with music!

Q: Do you face challenges as a tutor?

Fox: The only challenge I’ve faced is trying to figure out whether the person I’m tutoring is there to learn, or just to get free answers. I don’t want to just solve problems for them, but if they truly don’t understand something then I think them watching me solve a problem could help. It’s just hard to tell the difference.

McKinney: [One challenge is] knowing if the person is understanding the content when they don’t communicate. [Another challenge is] not knowing beforehand which subject I’m tutoring but when the people show up they expect we do.