Choir Student goes to State


With 2020 being the way it has been 2021 is the year of accomplishment and new beginnings with that being said let’s talk about one of the many big successes for Atascocita High School choir students.

Q: How do you feel about going to state

A: “I am super excited and honored! Especially with everything that’s happened to us this year, it feels good to bring something positive out of it. Said Senior Claire Ste Marie”

Q: What is the difference between Mixed Choir and Treble Choir
A: ”Mixed choir is co-ed where it has the top girls and boys while the treble is an all women’s choir, both having its own perks.”

Q: What inspired you to join the choir
A: ”I have always loved to sing and enjoyed making music.”

Q: What are some fun things you have done with the choir group
A: “I have done a bunch of competitions and performances, caroling around Houston etc during Christmas, but the most fun was going to San Antonio to perform and then six flags after !!! “

Q: What grade are you in / When did you join the choir for the first time
A: “ I am a senior this year when I was in 6th grade I decided to join choir and have been in it ever since.”

Q: -When do you leave for state and where are you going to be performing?
A: “This question is still up in the air for we don’t quite know how they are going to go about things, but my hopes are high that we will still get to travel somewhere and have an awesome concert!”