Meet the Drum Majors: Marissa Estrada


Ms. Haley Cook

Maguire Emswiler (left), Mason Stump (center) and Marissa Estrada (right) are this year’s drum majors. Estrada is a senior trumpet player.

Senior Marissa Estrada is one of this year’s drum majors in the band program. She, along with the other two drum majors, help to lead the band during after school practice, during the games and by doing other necessary jobs within the program.

“My responsibility this year is to lead the band on and off the field,” Estrada said. “It’s also to make sure things are good and solid for our achievements.”

These responsibilities include providing the band with a steady visual tempo in the stands and while marching, helping to organize bus lists, overseeing and assisting the teaching of the march and marching fundamentals, and assigning laps to students who are misbehaving.

“Being a drum major has been exhausting mentally and physically,” Estrada said. “It’s a lot of work to be able to see everything and have all those responsibilities.”

The drum majors get out of their comfort zone to support the band. They work hard to better the program and connect with the people.

“The best part of being a drum major is being able to be there for the band whenever they need my help,” Estrada said. “It’s nice to know they have drum majors to help them in anything.”