Jump and shout

Energetic student sections fuel athletic excellence


Juniors Hayden Fisher and Zach Thomas stare down the camera, celebrating a deafening win against Liberty. Atascocita beat the Nevada team 45-8. (Photo Katie Munoz)

It’s a busy time of year for the football and volleyball teams. With rival games and close endings every week, what better way to motivate players than a packed, deafening student section? Themes chosen by the senior class officers highlight the Eagle Spirit that helps the teams win.

“It’s really fun,” spirit stick holder Giancarlo Valencia said. “You get to come to every sporting event and have fun with your friends. It’s just a different atmosphere.”

Valencia leads the crowd’s chants and plays the primary role in hyping the stands up. This energy owes lots of credit to the senior class officers, who create a unique theme for fans to dress as, such as  beach and neon-themed evenings. This helps to unite the student section, and to create a distinction between their passion and an average group of fans. 

“My favorite theme so far this year was the camo day for the first football game against Dickinson,” junior Zach Thomas, a loud member of the student section, said. “Against Dickinson and elsewhere, our spirit helps us show pride in our athletes and continue tradition.” 

Atascocita defeated Dickinson 37-0. Valencia, Thomas and more than 100 students perform chants after nearly every play. These energetic rally calls are meant to boost the mood and motivate the players on the court and the field. Junior and varsity volleyball player Reagan Joyner loves the chants and loves the hype, hoping fans can help fuel their excellence to another district title.

“It’s amazing seeing everyone who comes out to support us,” Joyner said. “It definitely makes us players feel loved. The energy the student section provides is unreal, and it’s exactly what we need to get ready to play.”