Gone but Never Forgotten

Ellory Brossette

Unfortunately, the past 2 months for the students and staff at Atascocita High School have involved a great deal of mourning due to the loss of students Chloe Robison and Salma Gomez, and one of our wonderful teachers, Monique Zibi.

Students, parents, and teachers are currently mourning the loss of 16 year olds, Chloe Robison and Salma Gomez due to a car crash. Chloe had plans to attend college in Arizona and wished to major in photojournalism. Since her passion for journalism inspired so many, her parents are currently trying to raise $10,000 to help journalism students like her get their desired degree in college. Donations for this can be made through Humble ISD. Chloe’s friends say she loved photography and nature, and that Salma was always by her side supporting her. Salma was said to be a very talented tennis player and received medals and awards for it. She loved sports, making people smile and laugh, and inspired everyone around her just as Chloe did. The loss of these two wonderful girls has been hard for everyone, but knowing that God has taken them forever in his stride has brought peace to many involved in this tragedy.

Sadly, the losses of Chloe and Salma are not the only ones we are grieving this year. An incredible teacher of ours, Ms. Zibi passed away recently due to what seems to have been heart failure. Her students and fellow faculty members are keeping her and her family in their thoughts and prayers. Ms. Zibi taught French and was admired by many, including her students and coworkers. She made sure to spread French culture and taught the language beautifully to those in her classes. Everyone at AHS has her in their hearts right now, and she will be remembered for everything she taught all of us. We are standing by each other as we deal with these hard times, but together we can find peace as we celebrate the lives of these 3 members of our family here at AHS.