Hello, 2020s. Goodbye, 2010s.

Ellory Brossette and Ariah Whitlow

For most, a new year means a new beginning. This year, however, a decade deemed special to many ends as the new one comes along. Though the idea of hitting the year 2020 is exciting, many of us are sad to leave behind a decade full of new accomplishments and great memories. 

To celebrate an eventful ten years, let’s look at some highlights (and a few lowlights) of the 2010 decade one last time. Millennials and Gen Zs— this one’s for you.


• A new decade began

• SpaceX made a successful launch

• One Direction was formed to make boy band history


• Switzerland Physicists claim to have measured subatomic neutrinos (extremely small particles, similar to electrons but with no electrical charge) that pass the speed of light

• The world was devastated to say goodbye to beloved singer Amy Winehouse

• The number of health insured Americans increased


• Many believed the world would end in mid-December

• Mustaches became an odd and popular trend

• The favorite color of the year was undoubtedly anything neon


• Disney Movie Frozen breaks cinema records

• President Obama was inaugurated to start serving his second term

• Minecraft was still a huge deal


• Clothing store American Eagle stopped photoshopping countless female models

• Pharrell’s comedic 10-gallon hat seemed to appear at every corner

• For the first time, a woman won the Fields Medal, which is commonly referred to as the most prestigious math award in the world


• Our hearts broke when Zayn Malik said goodbye to One Direction

• Global poverty fell to a historical low

• China stopped enforcing its one-child policy

• Same-sex marriage was legalized in all of America


• America dominated the 2016 Olympics

• The number of women, especially African American women in congress made improvement

• The world celebrated the wonderful lives of many pop icons, including David Bowie, Prince and George Michael

Hamilton became a broadway sensation

• Rest In Peace, Harambe


• Me-Too movement reached new heights

• The Infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial sparked conversation

• The rise of the RompHim

•  Fidget Spinners became a worldwide distraction in schools

• The Dancing Hotdog.

• Global health had an amazing year


• Prolonged Government shutdown

• Megan Markle became a part of The Royal family after marrying Prince Harry

• Barbara and George H.W. Bush reunited in Heaven


• TikTok became a millennial and Gen Z favorite

Avengers: Endgame broke millions of hearts

• “Ok, Boomer” became a frequently used phrased among the youth (see here for more info https://ahstalon.com/opinion/2019/11/21/ok-boomer/)

• The Area 51 raid was an ultimate letdown

• Justice was finally served to R-Kelly Victims after decades of allegations

• This year for the first time ever, Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA were all African American women. [Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi (South Africa), Miss World, Toni-Ann Singh (Jamaica), Miss America, Nia Franklin (New York), Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst (North Carolina) and Miss Teen USA, Kaliegh Garris (Connecticut).]