The Long Term Impacts of Technology

Ellory Brossette, Editor-in-chief

While the recent rise of technology has brought upon many advantages to the world, it has also brought upon some confusing outcomes on the progression of society. Many have discussed negative and positive outcomes of growing up with the rise of technology.

As technology advances and becomes more ingrained in society, today’s children and teens are being seen affected by its increasing prominence in everyday life. Though much of today’s youth has relied on the use of technology, some of its impacts on children and teens have been concerning in the eyes of many adults and researchers.

A U.S. study from recent years showed that “teenagers who spend more than three hours a day online are 35% more likely to be at risk of suicide” according to Sage Journals. Many believe that the dependency children are beginning to have on technology for things like school work or entertainment is a direct cause of the increasing rates of teen depression as well. 

Along with declining mental health, growing up with the prominent use of technology is potentially leaving children with lower self esteem, decreased social skills, and difficulty engaging in everyday life. 

Though the negative effects of modern technology are being weighed, not all of the impacts it has on youth are bad. A study by American Cornell University showed that “the IQ scores of the current generation are higher than the previous generation,” which experts believe to be directly correlated to the use of technology among the younger generation.

Since research on the long term effects of growing up with technology is still new, it is hard to tell exactly how its prominent use in society will impact today’s youth. As more research is conducted, the impacts of technology are becoming more apparent.