AHS Prayer Meetings


Jared Reynolds

Students pray before class, asking God to work in our school. They hope for the gospel, the Good News of Christ’s love, to spread like wildfire in our school.

Amelia Lackey, Writer

For a little over a month, a group of students have been meeting at the school flagpole three days a week in the morning. What started as a gathering of three people has grown to 13 in seven weeks. 

Sophomore Campbell Lino and senior Jared Reynolds started this prayer meeting on Monday, Sept. 18.

“We started this prayer meeting/Bible study because we felt the Holy Spirit calling us to do something that would reach our school with the gospel,” Lino said. “Also, we wanted to provide a way for Christian students to be encouraged in their faith during the week instead of just on the weekends. So far, God has more than tripled our numbers, and several non Christians have heard the gospel.”

The students spread out at the flagpole, some with masks, some without. They meet before school from 6:45- 7:15 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. They hope to continue meeting through the school year and in future years as well. 

The students put up flyers seven weeks ago informing teachers and students alike of the opportunity to meet in unity with fellow students praising God. Their numbers have since more than tripled, as they went from an initial three students to now 13. (Jennifer Klosterboer)

These students are meeting and professing their faith in God. They hope that more people, whether they share in their faith or not, will join them. One of the greatest hopes of these students is that there will be a large spread of the gospel at school.

A religious revival is when a religious fire is rekindled and we hope to grow our numbers so people can hear the gospel,” Clayton Strube, the third original attendee, said. “The school is God’s and he will do what is best, and all we are doing is worshiping Him and asking for help.

The students receive courage and strength from meeting together to speak to their God and to be united with fellow believers in school. They learn how to be better followers of Christ through their sermon, prayer, and worship. There is also a Bible study aspect to these prayer meetings.

We teach the gospel,” Jared Reynolds said. “The biggest problem in the universe.

This teaching is the basis of the meetings and the main reason why they pray to this God. They state that without Him they would be lost.

“[Without God in my life], I would be a lost, dazed, depressed human being without real hope, without a real, sturdy, unshakable reason for living,” Reynolds said. “Jesus is my Reason for Living. He is my Foundation, He is my Rock. This school doesn’t have a Rock. I see it everyday, kids going about their lives wondering why. Why? Some don’t make it. Many do, but without a reason. Jesus is the reason. Jesus is our only hope.”

These students are hoping for more students to come and listen. They are hoping for a revival of love. This fellowship is hoping to grow in numbers and welcomes anyone to join them Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6:45-7:15 a.m.