The Jobs of Virtual and In-person Teachers

Claudia New, Writer

Claudia New

Though many students are back at school, there are still some who have decided to stay strictly virtual. In response to the need for teachers to accommodate both types of student, many have been tasked with teaching regular classes and teaching virtual students at the same time.

“Many teachers are being faced with difficult challenges, no matter what their classroom model is,” graphic design and animation teacher Michael Saxton said. “I think we are all faced with the same workload, because this creative problem solving has been added on top of the normal demands that teaching brings. The important thing is that we are all working to find ways to overcome the challenges and teach our students.” 

Students can also help the teachers in other ways. By checking Schoology for upcoming assignments and turning in work on time, it makes the grading process easier for the teachers. Utilizing all the resources teachers post will benefit the students just as much as their teachers.

“Students can make sure they read all directions before they do their assignments,” Algebra III teacher Julie Hanson said. “I try to be as clear as possible on assignments as to how to complete them, how to submit them and where to find help if needed.”

Each teacher has been working hard to make sure their lessons are available for everyone. Quizzes, tests, and homework assignments are usually available and are often open notes for convenience. Both virtual and in person staff have offered online tutoring to help any virtual students with questions about assignments.  

“We have designed our classes, whether online or face to face, to be as streamlined as possible,” English III teacher Sara Williams said. “In fact, there are some features when it comes to grading essays through Schoology that can actually make grading a bit more efficient.”