Seniors Journey

The year of 2020 has been a year of limitations for our seniors. Whether academic or personal, seniors are still finding ways this year to achieve their goals.

“I have still tried to keep rigorous goals for myself this year, but since many students are online, resources are limited,” Alora Boyer said. “I have mainly been focused on my academic goals and things I can accomplish in school. I plan on attending a 4-year university to get my undergraduate degree in environmental science. I don’t know where I am going yet but I have applied to many universities in-state and out of state.”

The campus still has opportunities for senior students to be leaders. Our current senior leaders have uplifting advice for students both this year and years to come.

“Nothing is certain in these times so just take in one day at a time and live your life,” Boyer said. “I promise it’s not as serious as it seems. Looking for the good in things each day has really kept me motivated to continue on through high school. When I am focused on the positive things around me, it just boosts my spirits and sets me up to have a good day.”

This year, seniors have also had more choice in their schooling and have had to learn how to manage it.

“I am an in-person student and I have not necessarily coped with this year well,” Nya Ford said. “Since I am a senior, we weren’t able to enjoy a lot of this year, unlike previous classes before us. My goals haven’t changed, they’re just a little altered. I plan on accomplishing my goals by staying on the right track and not letting anything stop me or distract me.”

Despite all the negative, there is still some good that has come from this year. Most seniors are still focused on the same goals but have found new ways to achieve these goals during the pandemic. These seniors are also finding ways to stay positive.