Christmas Break

On the Christmas break, students and staff alike were excited to begin their two week long rest from school-related activities. Many people were able to take advantage of the time in order to do last minute shopping for gifts and other necessities. While there weren’t many places to be thanks to COVID-19, everyone was able to enjoy their break with family and, if permitted, friends.

“My family and I went to Washington state to visit close family,” senior Isabella Boyett said. “We had a good time just being with them and hanging out.”

With some students going out of state to visit family, people were able to spend time with their loved ones. And while some travelled to visit family, most stayed at home and enjoyed being with relatives who lived close by. Many stayed by themselves and were able to have alone time and care for themselves.

“My family spent time with my grandparents at their house,” senior Cynthia Garza said. “I also helped my mom with shopping for Christmas presents and other necessities.”

It seems even with the restrictions, students were able to catch up with loved ones and do the traditional Christmas break activities.

“I spent my break with my family and my friends from church,” sophomore Jonathan Garcia said. “It was nice to spend time with my cousins that I had not seen in forever and see my grandparents again too.”

Even though many went to visit their families and relatives, they took the precautions in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. And while doing so, students were able to have a great Christmas break and just relax.