Wildfires destroy homes in Colorado

On New Year’s Eve, fast-moving wildfires destroyed homes and buildings in Boulder County Colorado. The fire, named the “Marshall Fire” after a nearby lake, burned 6,000 acres of land in 24 hours. Roughly 30,000 people in the towns of Louisville and Superior were evacuated and over 1,000 houses were destroyed by the time the fire ended. Dry conditions and 100 mph winds created perfect conditions for the fire to spread extremely quickly.     

Once the fires ended, three people were reported missing, but human remains believed to be from one of the missing persons were found on Jan 5. Boulder County sheriffs are still actively searching for the other two missing people.

The fires have created several other problems, including debris that needs to be cleared and the loss of hundreds of homes and possessions. Along with the 1,000 destroyed homes, approximately 2,000 homes have suffered smoke and water damage. Boulder is an area known for expensive housing, which is now causing families who lost their homes to struggle to find new ones. 

A religious group known as the “Twelve Tribes” is currently under investigation because it is believed that the Marshall Fire originated on their property. A video captured by a nearby neighbor, the source of the concern, shows a shed located on the Twelve Tribes’ property on fire. The investigation is just a precaution, as it is believed that the fire was accidental.