U.S in Unison With European Leaders on Russia-Ukraine conflict

While Russia denies that they are making an invasion attempt, they have mobilized one hundred thousand troops on the Russia-Ukraine border and through Russia’s ally Estonia. 

As a former Soviet state, Ukraine has many cultural ties to Russia, and Russian is commonly spoken there, but as of late Ukraine has begun making alliances with European Union and NATO countries. 

Russia hasn’t come out with any reasons for their sudden military aggression, but it could have to do with what the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister has said in the past, “For us it’s absolutely mandatory to ensure Ukraine never ever becomes a member of NATO.”  

Russia has accused the European powers as well as the United States of being the aggressors and moving troops and weapons through the country. 

President Biden and major European leaders have committed to keeping a small amount of military presence in the Ukraine until Russia demilitarized the border and took troops out of Belarus. On the other hand, Russian officials have warned that if the West doesn’t meet their demands, it could lead to a “dead end” in diplomatic negotiations.  

Biden has warned that a Russian invasion of the Ukraine would be “deadly” for Russia. 

In the case of a Russian invasion attempt, the Russian military has a supreme advantage over the Ukrainian military. Russia has double the total troops, 15 times the attack aircraft and six times the number of tanks.   

Many citizens and leaders across the world are concerned that if the West were to intervene in a Russian invasion it could be a catalyst that would start a major global conflict, and talks of whether this could be the start of world war 3 have been stirring  in the international community.