Teacher of the year


Teacher of the year is Mark Pyeatt ASL teacher

This year the teacher of the year is Mark Pyeatt  who is an American sign language (ASL) teacher.

How long have you been at this school?

2021 2022 marks my seventh year teaching ASL at AHS.

What is your objective for this class? 

My objective is to bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing populations. I was born hearing but am now fully deaf. I have full understanding from both perspectives and I want the hearing to be able to have basic communication skills with the deaf world.

How do you feel about being teacher of the year 

I am truly honored. My goal as an educator is consistency and positivity. I show up and have high expectations for my students. The fact that I am teacher of the year is extremely humbling to me, but it means I am doing something right so that will continue.

Have you been an asl teacher before for another school?

Atascocita High School is the only place I’ve ever taught. This is the best school in Texas and it is the only place I’ve ever taught.

What’s your favorite part of being an ASL teacher? 

I love being around the students. Watching them acquire sign language and improve on their communication skills with me and other deaf members in the community is my favorite part of the job. Watching students achieve great things in their extracurricular activities and supporting young teenagers as they grow and develop into young adults is also fun and important.

What was your first thought when they told you on the day of your hiring they were thinking about canceling the ASL program? 

I’ll be honest. When they hired me, I was only certified to teach History (that’s what I studied in college). So, I started on a probationary contract until I passed the ASL certification test. I am a hard worker. The fact that they told me the ASL program could be removed only deepened my commitment to being where I am blessed to be. My complete focus was, and still is, to grow the ASL program at Atascocita High School. American Sign Language is the third most used language is the United States behind English and Spanish so an amazing place like Atascocita must offer a strong ASL program.