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Teacher Relocations Generate Mixed Feelings

This sign shows the direction of classrooms in Main Street.

Over the summer, teachers were relocated to minimize traffic on Main Street. The year before teachers moved classrooms to be within their content areas, but it created a traffic problem where every student had to leave a house to go to a new one. 

“I threw out the idea of separating students by lower and upper grade levels, that way [they] could stay in one house for the most part,”

Signs were implemented in the hallway to reduce traffic on Main Street. (Connor Beasley)

Associate Principal Courtney Peterson said. “I want kids to be in class more and in the halls less. The biggest improvement I see is after D lunch.” 

Usually students would have to wait in the cafeteria for the bell to ring before they could even start walking to class, but now they can go freely and students don’t have to traverse across the campus as much. Peterson hopes that students feel that there’s more room in the hallways and that they can get to class easier. However, there are mixed opinions from the teachers.

“I found out we were moving [the] last month of school and I wasn’t happy about it initially,” Human Geography teacher Patsy Monts said. “It’s a lot of work to move your junk. The move forced me to go through everything and throw out things I didn’t use.”

Monts isn’t sure if the relocation helped traffic in Main Street or not. She’s now next door to other Geography teachers, so she’s in acceptance of her new room now. Similarly to teachers, students also have mixed feelings about the relocations. 

“I first heard of the relocations during summer,” sophomore Brandon Abante said. “I feel negative about this because all my classes have been moving back and forth. If sophomores and upperclassmen take language courses, then they have to move to gold.”

Abante thinks that the relocations have negatively impacted traffic on Main Street. He doesn’t see it lasting past this semester or past this year because he thinks a lot of people will be late to class.

Although there were mixed feelings at first about the relocations, teachers and students alike seem to be adjusting to the changes that were made.

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