Marching Band Spells Racial Term During Halftime Show

Natalie Garcia

During a game between Brookwood High and Lakeside High, the Brookwood marching band began their halftime show. While they were preforming, four sousaphone players spelled a racial slur with the covers of the instrument.

The four players who were involved in spelling the word were seniors who thought it would be “funny” to do with knowing the meaning of the word, and did it as a prank for Senior Night. This has appalled many parents and students at the game as they have found it disrespectful and hurtful, and that it should have never happened in the first place. Shawn Myers was especially upset about what happen clearly stating her opinion of it to, “belittle black people, [that] it’s an insult. It’s just like saying the n-word, but [it] is worse because it’s coming from students at a public high school.” The principal of Brookwood has made an apology letter concerning the incident stating that, “[they are] taking steps to ensure this does not happen again,” and they will be taking disciplinary actions to the students involved. While reviewing the students, they had found out that there were two other students involved who lied about being a part of the prank. These students are also being disciplined not only for the prank, but for lying as well. And, as stated in the letter, the principal is making sure things are getting done about the issue as it,”[doesn’t] reflect the standards and beliefs of our school and community.” Hopefully, the necessary actions are being made so this event will not appear again, and the school is able to overcome the problem to continue onwards.