America… calm down, please.

Ellory Brossette, Local, State, and National

With technology constantly advancing, voicing opinions has become much simpler for the youth of society in recent years. From speaking on social rights to thoughts on new fashion trends, it seems that everyone has something important to say, as well as access to sharing it. However, while the voice of the new generation has become deafeningly loud, it has also become somewhat hard to listen to.

In the past, arguing over politics was often done by two people sharing space in the same room. Now, it can be done almost anywhere by anyone. Disagree with an American’s views on Hillary Clinton? Don’t worry, Europe’s got this one. All one has to do is type what they’re feeling and hit the send button. Once that send button is pressed, it’s public for anyone and everyone to see. Although this is an undeniable blessing, no blessings come without a couple of curses. The main curse with this one is undoubtedly the division these easily accessible arguments have caused in society. Is the sensitivity of America what’s causing this, or is it the lack thereof? In simple terms, the answer is both.

America has become unarguably divided in recent years, especially since the 2016 presidential election. For this reason, Americans have seemingly become less thick-skinned. Rather than having real and respectful discussions, many people have begun ignoring what others have to say if it doesn’t perfectly align with what they themselves happen to believe. While this is considerably the easiest way to handle a disagreement, it has caused a huge lack of maturity in many of America’s citizens. Avoiding confrontation with an individual because they share different opinions makes us not only incredibly divided, both politically and socially, but limits our minds, causing us to avoid listening to those around us as well. If one refuses to listen to anyone with a view slightly different than theirs, they’re sure to get offended when they encounter an argument. While developing this immature and overly sensitive behavior creates an issue with the individual themselves, it also leads to further division in society.

As the growing sensitivity of America is becoming an issue, it is pushing many Americans to become astonishingly insensitive at the same time. While one half of the population seems to be at tears after hearing one completely innocent sentence, the other is trying to get away with disrespect by blaming it on everyone else. “No one can say anything these days,” many use as a defense mechanism. This excuse is, of course, in some cases valid. In other cases, though, this excuse is used to defend unjustifiable behavior. To specify, many Americans are using this influx of over-sensitivity to justify their racist, sexist and/or homophobic comments, or their offensive dialogue to innocent people around them. This behavior is just as problematic as the behavior causing it.

To solve this prominent issue in society, the answer is unbelievably simple. All America has to do is one thing: listen.