Top Thanksgiving Food in Texas

It’s time to put up the Halloween candy and bring out the turkey. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and soon everyone will be gathering around the table to enjoy some delicious food. The real question is, what will actually be on the table this year? Every family has different ideas about what to serve every year, but Texas food tends to be a little different. We have the top dishes eaten to talk about.

We’re starting right off with stuffing. Stuffing traditionally consists of bread mixed or corn bread, (which is a sweeter take on stuffing), with different ingredients, but it can also be made into something creative and still enjoyable. There are many different types of stuffing out there, such as vegan stuffing, corn bread dressing, sausage & apple stuffing, chestnut stuffing, giblet dressing and even oyster dressing.

Now, let’s talk about creamed corn. This amazing side dish is also a commonly served food for any dinner, especially in the Midwestern and Southern states. This food is made with sweet corn and a soup of milky excess from corn kernels.

Pumpkin pie pops are a creative and easy way to spice up traditional pumpkin pie. These pops take about 25 minutes to make, with your choice of pie crusts or cake mix with canned pumpkin. Top these pops with frosting and sprinkles or just leave them plain to serve.

Let’s take macaroni and cheese and add jalapenos and bacon. This dish is a common dish to be served at the dinner table, but uncommon for Thanksgiving. It’s easy to make and takes 30 minutes to enjoy. It is made with bacon bits, bread crumbs, diced jalapeno, shredded cheese and macaroni.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos turkey is definitely a weird one. You make this the way one would usually prepare a turkey, but then you’d coat it with crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. This is for sure a crunchy take on Thanksgiving, but has become quite popular among youth.

Another unique dish is Thanksgiving Tamales. Tamales for Thanksgiving consists of turkey and stuffing giving you a real Thanksgiving feel. This dish is commonly served in Texas, but usually not for holidays.

Chicken spaghetti can be made with any type of chicken mixed up with spaghetti noodles. This dish takes between 30 minutes to an hour to make depending on the quantity and the type of pot or pan its baked in.

Traditional or not, these foods prove to be good in their own creative way. Which of these foods will you be bringing to the table for Thanksgiving?