We got Next!

Hannah Dennis , Sports writer

   When the cold starts rolling in here in Texas, we all know winter is coming and it’s going to be harsh, per Texas fashion. Along with the cold a new section of sports blow in during winter like soccer, swim, diving, basketball, softball, and baseball.

   Though our baseball and softball teams seasons don’t start up until February, we still have a multitude of sports to hold us over. We have our Eagles swim team, led by Coach Pink, they competed in the Lubbock Invitationall on January 4th, 2019. They won one gold and one bronze both earned by Gabriel Weikel, who was ranked 5th, scoring a total of 112.6 points.

Another Winter sport starting up is soccer, Coached by Coach Gathright, the Atascocita soccer teams first game of the season was on January 4th against Travis High School, where we lost with a score or 4-3. The second game, we faced off against Huntsville High School, resulting in a tie. The next game we once again lost, going against Langham Creek High School

, with a score of 3-0. The final game we’ve competed in so far, we finally took the win with a score of 2-1 against Oak Ridge High School.

The Atascocita Eagles boys basketball team, coached by Coach Martinez, started of the season on November 9,2018, facing off against the Westfield Mustangs and taking the win with a score of 62-52. In the most recent games of the season we faced off against the Pasadena Eagles, in a head to head battle of the eagles, on January 2nd, 2019, the Atascocita Eagles coming out as the ultimate eagle, winning with a score of 68-45. On January 5th, we competed against the Humble Wildcats, unfortunately

losing with a close margin of 57-51. Once more we took on one of our biggest rivals, the Kingwood Mustangs, and we proved once again that the Eagles are better by defeating them with a score of 48-23. We competed against the Sam Rayburn Texans winning 85-48, and faced the South Houston Trojans losing 61-58, and in our last game we faced the Pasadena Memorial Mavericks, winning 61-48.

Basketball is not only a male sport and the ladies on our girls eagles basketball team prove they can dominate the competition just as much as the boys. In their first game they faced off against the Cypress Woods Wildcats, on November 6th, 2018, crushing them with a score of 54-27. Just as our boys basketball team did, the girls basketball team proved to be just as strong as the boys, if not stronger, by also crushing our biggest rivals the Kingwood Mustangs with a score of 68-25. We faced the Kingwood Mustangs once again on January 8th,2019, with a score of 67-14. We faced the Sam Rayburn Texans, taking the win with a high score of 87-14. We pulled out our Trojan horse shocking and defeating the South Houston Trojans with a staggering score of 99-15. If this doesn’t prove that women are just as resilient as men, then I don’t know what will.

Too all of our Eagles sports teams, keep up the good work, stay strong, and have fun. GO EAGLES!