Eagles Boys basketball soars to number 1 in the state Number 20 in the nation.

One of the ways the Eagles have been able to rise to the top is by beating top Houston and state-ranked teams including wins over Manvel, Hightower, Shadow Creek and Summer Creek twice. 

The team has had a great season winning the district title and is heading to the state tournament. They have been climbing the state and national ranks all season. 

The team set goals going into the season focusing on playing hard and defense.

“Some of the goals that we established this year is defense. Lock down on defense, play hard and win a state championship,” senior Christian Ashby said.

Even with the high expectations that come with being a top ranked team, the Eagles are feeling appreciative of the rankings because it brings out the best in their competition.

“Being an Atascocita Eagle is already putting a target on your back,” senior Justin Collins said. “The rankings just add fuel to the fire. I appreciate the rankings because I know we will get everyone’s best because everyone wants to prove themselves against us.”

Atascocita plays Houston Strake Jesuit in the next playoff game.