First Time Wrestler Makes State


Sophomore Charlize Aventuna competes in state at the Berry Center of Northwest Houston

As the first wrestler in the school’s history, sophomore Charlize Aventuna competed at this year’s UIL state competition. For Charlize, it was strange to be the first to go to state, since she’s a girl and isn’t technically an upperclassman. However, her teammates were supportive. To prepare her for the competition, practices were focused on her and what she wanted to do.
“Being in wrestling isn’t easy,” Charlize said. “There’s a lot of crying and sweating, but I think it’s worth it.”
Wrestling is a sport that is male dominated, so for Charlize it was difficult to go into wrestling. She was inspired by her uncles, who are cage fighters. She started her freshmen year, and is in the heavyweight division. Next year she will be captain of the girls wrestling team. IF she doesn’t become a lawyer, she plans on taking a similar path as her uncle, who is a Bellator fighter, a MMA organization featuring many of the best athletes in the world. Wrestling is also planning on recruiting more girls for the team. They are inspired by the lacrosse team, who created a girls team this year.
“What are they doing that we are not,” Charlize said. “We plan to go to Fish Camp this summer to encourage girls to join.”
Anyone interested in joining wrestling should know requires putting in time and effort. The results can be worth it all according to Charlize.
“Of course there are going to be people who will be like ‘oh, well, it’s because you’re a girl and it’s easier,’” Charlize said.
She wants to prove them wrong, because at the end of the day, she is in her body and it is her life. As captain, she has to do better, and be better to set an example for everyone else. She is training in her off time and doing everything she can to win.
“I want to inspire other people to do things for themselves and not let anyone, or society, bring you down,” Charlize said.