Video Games During Quarantine


There are many video games that have helped with 2020:  For instance “Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Among Us” and so many more. These games have helped with communication with friends because of social distancing and quarantine; people didn’t have much to do besides sit at home and play video games with friends online. 

So that is where ”Animal Crossing: New Horizons” came in. In this game you could decorate and visit each other’s islands and have fun. Being able to play together is the best part about ”Animal Crossing” because you get to live a life with no masks, social distancing, or even quarantine, so technically it’s a virtual life.

“Among Us” also provided some needed stress relief. People in the video game community and even people outside the community have fallen in love with it. In this game, you are either an imposter or crewmate. As a crewmate you need to complete tasks like destroying asteroids or starting up the reactor before you get murdered.

As an imposter, you need to kill almost everyone in the group. If you as a crewmate find out who the imposter is by seeing them kill on camera from security or seeing them vent, you can expose the imposter. As a crewmate, you can either win by finishing tasks or voting out the imposters. The imposter, you have to kill and sabotage the area around you to win by either killing crewmates or getting them voted out.

Playing games and communicating online became an option for lots of people due to the COVID-19 virus. People wanted to get out and see their friends which was really hard. Since people were stuck in quarantine and could not leave their homes, the only place they could go was virtual.