Don’t Trust Amazon

Amazon is sending the order information of some users to completely different individuals. Many have emailed, called, and complained about this but they have yet to do something about this prominent issue according to sources.

Twitter user, @Carmen6636, has a 24-tweet thread on how she received the another user’s email information for a package. The email included information about a person she doesn’t even know. This information included the user’s home address and phone number. When she complained to an Amazon supervisor, the supervisor said that they would fill out a form for the complaint. Carmen soon after asked where they send the forms and the supervisor said that she didn’t have that information.

This is even going as far as Amazon sending out actual packages. According to source, customer reports. Another person named Bobby received somebody’s packages and he contacted Amazon. Amazon said to keep the packages. He soon after tried to generate a UPS return label because these items weren’t associated with him or his account.

According to TechCrunch, Amazon admitted to sending out these emails but they refuse to give details. Amazon emailed users to warn them that their information could be exposed because of a technical error. Amazon says that they have fixed the issue.