Meet the Drum Majors: Mason Stump


Ms. Haley Cook

Maguire Emswiler (left), Mason Stump (center) and Marissa Estrada (right) are this year’s drum majors. Stump is a senior baritone saxophone player.

Senior Mason Stump is this year’s head drum major in the band program. He, along with the other drum majors, leads the band in marching and playing in the stands. 

“As a drum major, I lead the band on the field and conduct the show,” Stump said. “When I’m behind the scenes, I’m helping other people like section leaders, librarians, and even the logistical staff do things like make drill books or help with uniform management. This year I was even able to help write drill for the show and playoff games for the end of marching season.”

The drum majors learned how to lead the band during drum major training this summer under the direction of Mr. Luggerio. They learned how to push themselves and others to be better within the band program. The drum majors have used the leadership skills they learned to help the band adjust to the change in head directors.

A lot of people were used to the way that Luggerio taught the band and how he interacted with us, and now we have Mr. Grice,” Stump said. “Change isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it can definitely be uncomfortable or just very different to people. However, the band has come a long way and has been able to adapt to the changes in the program.”

Stump hopes to go on to college and the Drum Corps after high school. He hopes to become a better drum major this year and be able to take the skills he learns through his position after high school.

“The best part of being a drum major so far has been being a team with the other two drum majors,” Stump said. “Leading and having a great time together with them is an experience I never thought I would have but I’m glad I’ve had it so far.”