Ways to Help

Since the start of quarantine, reaching out has seemed increasingly difficult when people need it more than ever. Luckily, there are still ways to help those in need.

Donate blood.
One way to help is by donating blood. Many hospitals are in need of blood, platelet, and plasma donations for patients with COVID, as well as other health concerns. You can find places to donate in your area through the American Red Cross.
Donate time by volunteering.
Donating blood is not the only thing you can donate. Donating your time to a charity is a great way to help in your area. The organization, Lovetoknow has a helpful list of ways to donate your time that may work with busy schedules or uncertain times.
Reach out to a friend.
While it may sound small, connecting with a friend or loved one and checking up on them is a huge gesture. Many feel alone and lost amidst the pandemic. Sending a heart-warming text, or even writing a hand-written letter to someone in need of a smile can make someone’s day entirely.
Show gratitude.
Health care workers have been risking lives and standing at the front-lines the past year like no other. While this is true, many forget that these are real, scared people like anyone else, who are doing everything they can. Encompass Health offers ways to give thanks to health care workers in your area.