The HERPS Reptile Expo

The HERPS Exotic Reptile Expo was full of animals, not just reptiles. There were chickens, amphibians, rodents, birds, and of course reptiles. HERPS Reptile Expo was an experience you could only have when you go there and it is not just a pet store.

There are several locations around Texas that you can visit during the year. Different locations offer different experiences. Zoe Leann visited two locations. The first place she visited was in Conroe, Texas in September of 2020. She then visited a HERPS show in Beaumont, Texas in April 2021.

“The first one was much larger,” Leann said. “It was packed and harder to navigate. However, I did like that there was a ton more variety compared to the second. Also it felt a little more disorganized and chaotic which was a little unnerving.”

A lot of the vendors were distracted in Conroe and not willing to strike up a conversation. In Beaumont, she was able to talk to most vendors.

“I actually found the second one a lot more helpful than the first,” Leann said. “Even though it was literally the same expo with even some of the same vendors just in a different city. The second was smaller, more intimate of an experience, and had a lot less people attending allowing the vendors to be able to focus their attention on me.”  

In Beaumont, Leann was able to hold three geckos and pet another reptile at one of the booths. Although the Beaumont expo one was more helpful, the Conroe location had more animals. There was huge snakes and even a fully grown tegu.

The next HERPS Exotic Reptile Expo in Conroe, Texas will be June 12-13. This expo is known as the largest reptile and now the largest venomous show in Houston. The next show in Beaumont, Texas will be Oct. 2-3.