Senior Finds Fun in Juggling

“Juggling” the stresses of school, sports and life in general, senior Jet Long uses his special talent to get his mind off of things. It’s estimated that only 21% of the public can juggle, and Long is part of that percentage.

If you ever want to see a real-life juggler, Jet Long is your guy.

“I juggle a lot because it’s something to do with my hands, and it’s distracting, ” Long said. “Sometimes it helps me get things off my mind, because you can’t think of much else when you’re trying to catch and throw balls up in the air at the same time.”

Not only can Long juggle, but throughout the years he’s developed his skill into new, improved tricks. To most people, juggling is impressive by itself, so these tricks certainly take people by surprise. 

“I’ve learned a few tricks while juggling, but I think my favorite to do is juggling with one hand,” Long said. “It’s fun to do and always impresses people.”

Juggling with one hand is both rare but also spectacular. The concentration required is extraordinary, and Long has spent years building up his skills. He says anyone can learn to juggle with enough practice.

Taking a break from class, senior Jet Long juggles on Main Street. (Photo by Idoreyin Eyobio)

“I learned to juggle because I wanted to get my hand-eye coordination better,” Long said. “You can learn by just throwing two balls around and getting in a rhythm. Just have fun, and try not to break anything.”